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  • Aroma Lime Monster
    Aroma Lime Monster

    Monsters do exist. Luckily they aren’t so terrifying as we could see....

    2,35 €
  • Aroma Brown Sugar
    Aroma Brown Sugar

    Sugar reinforces, everybody knows it. And what would you say about sugar...

    2,34 €
  • Aroma Amaze Me Comestible
    Aroma Amaze Me Comestible

    o you want a surprise? Well, prepare for something nice. There’s a swell...

    2,34 €
  • Aroma Wild Ice Cream - Sorbet
    Aroma Wild Ice Cream - Sorbet

    Do you like sorbets? And you know that their name comes from the Arabic...

    2,34 €
  • Aroma Green Joy
    Aroma Green Joy

    Do you like green? Yes, joyful, positive and hopeful. It is also the...

    2,34 €
  • Aroma Forest Ice Cream
    Aroma Forest Ice Cream

    Imagine a cup of mouth watering ice cream in front of you and now try a...

    2,34 €

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