• Monsters do exist. Luckily they aren’t so terrifying as we could see. Let’s take as an example Lime Monster (lat. Monstruosa citrea) – of unusal monsters species. It’s fed only with lime desserts. It’s able to swallow their monstrously amounts – even three times its weigth.  Do you want to try its favourite dessert? 

    2,35 €
  • Sugar reinforces, everybody knows it. And what would you say about sugar with undertones? Nice sweetness with something. Some of you are sure that in this flavour they are hints of coffee candies, others notice creamy touches. We heard also that BROWN SUGAR can hide fruity hints. Do you fancy trying it and give your opinion? Main flavour’s notes:...

    2,34 €
  • o you want a surprise? Well, prepare for something nice. There’s a swell combination of fruity freshness with a delicate dessert touch in front of you. We have so arranged everything so that it’ll never be boring and makes you smile every day. Because of pleasure. Main flavours notes: strawberris and apples.

    2,34 €
  • Do you like sorbets? And you know that their name comes from the Arabic word "gray" which means as much as a drink. Long time ago sorbets were fruit drinks served with a lot of ice. Today sorbet is so much ice cream with fruit. Maybe you want a portion? I have a sweet sour fruit sorbet for you, which should make the day pleasant.   The main notes of the...

    2,34 €
  • Do you like green? Yes, joyful, positive and hopeful. It is also the color of a delicious pistachio dessert, which will improve your mood and make a smile of content appear on your face. Time to try something pleasant.   The main notes of the aroma: pistachio.

    2,34 €
  • Imagine a cup of mouth watering ice cream in front of you and now try a spoonful. Do you notice this smell of fruits’ mix with a delicate hint of creamy sweetness? Enjoy your meal. Another portion is waiting for you. Main flavours notes: forest fruits with coolada.

    2,34 €
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